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We are three grade seven students that thought it would be a good idea to start fundraising money for cancer. Covid-19 is a really big thing and cancer is still a thing! People with cancer have been at risk of Covid-19 because of their weak immune systems.  


CFIS is having a soccer game where people from CFIS can come on ____________and can enjoy a fun soccer shootout! There will be prizes! The 1st place winners will get to pick 3 items from a list of things for kids and we will buy, and give those things to the kids with cancer. 2nd place winners will get to pick 2 items and 3rd place winners will get to pick 1. This is for fun-filled time to spend with your friends outside. Social distancing of course. We will do the soccer game in teams of 11. 


If you would like, you can shave your head and take a before and after picture of your head and email them to  or 


The soccer shootout will be held at the soccer field. 75% of the money will be going to a cancer research foundation, and the other 25% will be used to buy toys, blankets, pillows, ps4, etc.


Shaved Heads

To show our support for Kids with Cancer many of us have decided to shave our heads. It adds to the fun and gets everyone involved.


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